It’s easy to want to match your competition piece by piece – but when you’re trying to stretch your marketing budget, focus on the materials you actually need. 
Take your existing marketing materials through this audit, and look for opportunities to improve and strengthen
  • Are you fighting for their attention with a powerful headline?
  • Are you triggering an emotional response to a problem, fear, need or want?
  • Are you building their trust or confidence in your ability to meet their needs?
  • Are you wowing them with your competitive edge?
  • Are you overcoming their objections before they’ve raised them?
  • Are you providing an element of risk reversal with a strong guarantee?
  • Are you showing them what other people have said about your product or service?
  • Are you giving them a reason to act NOW?
  • Are you giving them an easy way to contact you?
Flashy design is not important to your marketing campaign – but clear and professional looking materials are absolutely essential.

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