That starts with having a solid foundation, which will withstand the environmental forces. It starts with your purpose? Why do you do what you do. Why did you start your own business?

Be clear with your goals – What do they look like, what day, month, year will you achieve them? How will you feel? How will you celebrate. As with a building, it does not just appear out of now nowhere.

It needs to be designed with detailed drawings–how many of floors, doors, and windows will it have? What materials will be used, right down to the location of the power ports, and the list goes on. Are your goals written down and mapped out where you can see and track them daily?  The clearer you are with you goals the more likely you are to achieve them.

How committed are you to your goals, do they align with your why. They must be your goals and no one else’s. When we commit, obstacles can be overcome, and solutions are easier to come by

Surround yourself with people that will lift your energy levels, people that want you to succeed in your personal and professional life. Unfortunately, sometimes those people are family.

As with erecting a building, who will you enlist to help you build it? You have this vision which you have committed to, who will you trust to help you realise it. Will you look to the doubters, the people who constantly create obstacles, which lead to lengthy delays in you achieving your goals.

Buildings need regular maintenance, if they not maintained, they fall into disrepair and when that happens. Overtime, existing tenants will complain, and any new tenants will refuse to pay rental premiums and go elsewhere.

 Focus on your strengths – write them down and keep them where you can see them every day.

Use forward moving words – like Can instead of Can’t. Think about the words that you tell yourself.

Try Reframing – its simply shifting an unresourceful thought or sentence into a resourceful one.

Challenge yourself, do something different and learn something new, this helps to build your confidence and resilience.

A healthy and successful mindset is a constant work in progress, it requires ongoing maintenance.

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