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Our vision is to stand as the most trusted specialist in business strategy for SMEs, dedicated to delivering unparalleled expertise and fostering enduring partnerships
Guiding SMEs to success through personalised strategies, actionable insights, measurable results, and relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of business.
Business Strategist

As a Business Strategy Specialist and Certified Advisory Board Chair, I am the founder of Magnus. I collaborate with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) spanning various industries, facilitating their profitable and sustainable growth. My approach involves meticulously dissecting complex business challenges and formulating personalized strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing efficiency, improving productivity, and increasing sales.

I harness my curiosity, creativity, and collaborative skills to thoroughly comprehend the needs, drivers, vision, and goals of Business Owners and Leaders. Subsequently, I design and execute personalised solutions that seamlessly align with their objectives, enabling them to achieve sustainable and profitable business growth. My ultimate goal is to assist them in unlocking the inherent value within their business.

We uncover the hidden potential within your business to show you what is possible. Developing strategies that deliver impactful results.

We understand that each business is unique, we create customised solutions to suit your requirements. 

Advisory Board Establishment and Facilitation

Customer Experience and Acquisition

Go-to-market Strategy

Strategic Planning

Sales & Marketing

Workforce & Operations


This meeting is designed to gather information about your business, including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

I will also provide insights and recommendations based on my experience working with similar businesses or industries. 


This process involves identifying and analysing the current state of your business to identify areas of improvement and develop solutions that drive growth and success. This process typically involves gathering and evaluating data including financial, operational, sales and marketing.

Strategic Road Map 

This is a process that helps you align your business goals and objectives with actionable steps that drive progress towards your vision. We develop the specific initiatives and projects that will be required to achieve your goals. These initiatives are prioritized based on their strategic importance and feasibility, and timelines and resource requirements.


This involves translating high-level strategic goals into specific, measurable actions that can be executed by you and your team. Successful strategic implementation requires effective communication, alignment, and engagement across all levels of the organization, as well as a clear understanding of the resources, processes, and timelines required to achieve the strategic goals.   

Track Results

Measuring and tracking strategic initiatives is a critical aspect of achieving business success. We identify the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and the establishment of clear targets and milestones. Regular progress updates are shared with all stakeholders, and adjustments are made as needed to ensure that initiatives stay aligned with the overall business strategy. 

Concept Funding

Hello Haus

I’I’ve been working with Nada for 6m now and I’m pleased I have made the decision to employ her services as a business coach. I was feeling swamped, overwhelmed with my start-up and the myriad of marketing opportunities, systems and protocols to put in place and of course being responsible for all the admin + drive all the revenue as a solo business owner. Nada was able to learn my business from the inside, including my my ideal customer, then broke down the path to growth. Just having a 3rd party dive into your business and give you clarity around direction and goals was very beneficial. This process was reasonably fast and cost effective and helped opened my eyes to seeing the opportunities ahead that I may have otherwise missed with the blinkers on. Highly recommend working with Nada to look at your business differently and ultimately to grow.

Scott Aggett,

Queensland, Australia

People Plus Purpose

Thanks to Nada and Magnus Business Builder we’re better positioned going into 2022. She helped us hone our message and optimize our website, and then guided our outreach efforts ensuring that our company is getting in front of a larger audience. She developed an email automation sequence and social media plan, and keeps us accountable for taking action and achieving goals. Nada is a joy to work with and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Matthew Norton

California, USA

Concept Funding

Concept Funding

I engaged Nada’s services after subscribing to her emails. Her tips and insights resonated with me. It’s all about relationship building with your clients. As a Solopreneur start-up, I needed the guidance, direction, and help to grow my business. Nada was able to do that, by helping me be more accountable on what I needed to do. I was able to put the necessary processes in place and set up my business for growth and success.

Trudy Ho

NSW, Australia

Renaissance IT

Renaissance IT

We engaged Nada from “Magnus Business Builder” to provide business coaching to Renaissance IT. Over our journey with her, Nada was able to provide focus and instate a business process for our organisation. This process included reinventing our marketing material, website and LinkedIn campaign.

I would recommend Nada to any business willing to setup a structure and a process for growth.

Wasfi Bounni

Wasfi Bounni

NSW, Australia

NB Allied Health

NB Allied Health

Before working with Nada, I was struggling to get new clients and was stressed about the inconsistency of referrals I was receiving. She helped me create clear goals and a marketing plan to help increase my referral network. Now I am fully booked and have hired additional practitioners to join our team and support the continued growth.  

Thank you, Nada, for all your help, I have never felt more confident about my business.

Billy Hosni

Billy Hosni

NSW, Australia

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