1. Newsletters build trust.
    A consistent newsletter that features useful information or expert advice will boost credibility, and encourage trust. Newsletters also allow your reader to get to know you and your company, which creates stronger relationships and increases loyalty.
  2. Newsletters educate customers.
    Successful newsletters often ‘tell’ more than they ‘sell’. They provide an opportunity to educate customers on the full range of products or services you offer, as well as on any relevant changes, additions and developments in your business.
  3. Newsletters promote your offering.
    Obviously, a newsletter will promote what you have to sell. Whether this is a single product of the week, or an entirely new product line, the newsletter will arrive directly in the customer’s inbox and describe what’s in it for them.
  4. Newsletters maintain awareness.
    When you use newsletters to keep in touch with your customers, you increase the number of times they are exposed to your brand, which boosts awareness and advertising recognition.
  5. Newsletters build community.
    Regular newsletters that feature useful information and community events create a community of people with a common interest: your knowledge, expertise, and offering.

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