If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that the people who work for you can be your biggest lifesavers and biggest headaches.

When they are invested in your company and take ownership of their roles and responsibilities, they are your biggest allies in the growth of your business. But when you are stuck in a cycle of hiring and training only to lose employees, they can be the largest drain on your time and pocket book.

There is little doubt that finding and keeping good employees is a big challenge for every business owner. You want to have the right people in each of the roles, and spend as little time and money as possible recruiting and training.

Your strongest defence against this vicious cycle is a solid human resource strategy. Just like customers, the cost of hiring and training an employee is a lot higher than working to keep the employees you already have.

Invest time in your staff’s training and development, and you’ll be investing in the growth of your business.

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